The Funniest Show You Will Ever Sleep Through!

St. Louis-based comedy hypnotist Dan Ladd offers a show that is guaranteed to bring down the house.

Reality changes, personalities radically alter, and laughs pile on laughs as you explore the playground of the subconscious mind. Audience participation reigns as everyone gets into the act and your friends and co-workers are transformed into stars.

Whether it is pumping up a corporate meeting, helping charities meet their financial goals, or bringing laughter to high schools and college campuses across the midwest, The Dan Ladd Comedy Hypnosis Show provides your best entertainment value.

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You become the star!

The Dan Ladd Comedy Hypnosis Show is a clean, safe, fast-paced laugh riot, and the only type of entertainment where the audience is the star. 

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The number one entertainment choice for your next event!

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